• Jerome Avenue, Piedmont: $1,200,000
  • 205 Columbia Ave., Kensington: $1,300,000
  • 2746 Garber St. , Berkeley: $1,495,000
  • 1012 Cragmont Ave., Berkeley: $985,000
  • 604 Cragmont Ave., Berkeley: $875,000
  • 1541 Francisco Ave., Berkeley: $560,000
  • 3079 Bateman St., Berkeley: $749,000
  • 681 Arlington Avenue, Berkeley: $1,065,000
  • 1024 Ardmore Ave., Oakland: $1,800,000
  • 1300 Santa Fe, Berkeley: $635,000
  • Oxford Avenue, Berkeley: $813,000
  • 1454 Bancroft Way, Berkeley: $650,000
  • Regent Avenue, Berkeley: $788,000
  • Spokane Avenue, Albany: $800,000
  • Oxford Avenue, Berkeley: $963,000
  • 921 Pardee Street, Berkeley: $579,000
  • The Arlington, Berkeley: $1,050,000
  • 1541 Francisco Ave., Berkeley: $560,000
  • Marin Avenue, Berkeley: $910,000
  • 53 Florida Avenue, Berkeley: $784,000
  • 917 Pardee St, Berkeley: $599,000
  • 51 Avon Road, Kensington: $749,000
  • 250 Colgate Ave., Kensington: $599,000
  • 53 Florida Avenue, Berkeley: $830,000
  • Curtis Street, Albany: $830,000
  • 791 Hilldale Ave., Berkeley: $1,065,000
  • Berkeley Way, Berkeley: $758,000
  • 18 Blair Ave., Piedmont: $930,000
  • Buena Avenue, Berkeley: $770,000
  • 1646 Arch Street, Berkeley: $849
  • Pomona Avenue, El Cerrito: $737,000
  • Tunnel Road, Berkeley: $1,050,000
  • 915 Pardee St., Berkeley: $649,000
  • 1415 California Ave., Berkeley: $759,000
  • Oxford Avenue, Berkeley: $645,000
  • Napa Avenue, Berkeley: $1,300,000
  • Channing Way, Berkeley: $850,000
  • Cedar Street, Berkeley: $675,000
  • 681 Hilldale Avenue, Berkeley: $567,000
  • 1147 Camelia St., Berkeley: $799,000
  • Spruce Street, Berkeley: $699,000
  • 734 Cragmont Avenue, Berkeley: $940,000
  • 755 Folger, Berkeley: $850,000
  • Hemlock Lane, Oakland: $760,000
  • Curtis Street, Albany: $826,000
  • 2434 Hillside Ave., Berkeley: $1,200,000
  • 462 Vincente Ave, Berkeley: $1,195,000
  • 2927 Garber St., Berkeley: $1,165,000
  • 6th Street, Berkeley: $985,000
  • 5800 Ayala Avenue Duplex, Oakland: $895,000
  • 1418 Spruce Street, Berkeley: $1,850,000
  • Walnut Street, Berkeley: $800,000
  • Acton Street, Berkeley: $710,000
  • Broadway Terrace, Oakland: $775,000
  • Staten Avenue, Oakland: $950,000
  • Berkeley Way, Berkeley: $758,000
  • 4130-4146 Manila Avenue, Oakland: $3,250,000
  • Spruce Street, Berkeley: $2,250,000
  • Vine Street, Berkeley: $875,000
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Our Clients

A Representative List of Our Clients

  • Hedge Fund Specialist for the University of California Berkeley
  • Public Relations Vice President for Kaiser Permanente
  • Web Designer for Estee Lauder Cosmetics
  • An Emergency Room Physician for California Medical Center
  • Professor of Italian at University of California
  • Senior Vice President for Clorox, Oakland
  • Daytime Emmy Award Winner for children’s programming
  • Design Instructor for George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic
  • Superior Court Judge for the County of Los Angeles
  • Project Manager for a Japanese Translation Firm in San Francisco
  • Director for Chevron Pacific Shipping Operations
  • Master Guitar Maker

In Their Own Words

Instrumental in Guiding Our Home Search…
Dave Hill was instrumental in guiding our home search. He was very patient, but knew when to act when he needed to. We are not easy clients because we were not looking for the average house and did not know exactly what the perfect house would look like until we saw it. Dave placed himself in our shoes and focused his priorities not on making a quick sale but finding the right for us. Dave never made us feel pressured, but was not afraid to solicit advice to assure that we were getting good information. We trusted that his judgement had our best interest at heart. When we did find the right house, he helped negotiate a price that was significantly less than the asking price. This negotiation would normally have been very stressful, but Dave was always patient, friendly and fun. Ultimately we realized that we not only bought a great house but also made a good friend.
-- Rae Douglass and Dan Cook

We Held One Open House and Received 7 offers…
Candice Economides was a pleasure. In 2005, she helped my husband and I sell a Berkeley duplex, a time when demand was high and supply low. She urged us to put it on the market quickly because she saw a window of opportunity. She held a particularly nice open house for real estate agents in order to get as much exposure as possible. We held one open house and received 7 offers. Candice was especially skilled during the offer presentation and negotiations. During this period we also met and consulted with David Hill. He was charming, and offered useful, strategic advice. Candice and David work well as a team and compliment each other’s strengths. I would not hesitate to work with Candice again. She is well connected in the real estate world, up-to-date on housing prices and negotiating strategies, and is responsive to client’s needs. Her professionalism and experience, as well as her winning personality, ensure a productive and profitable relationship.
-- Anonymous

'Candice Is in a Class of Her Own…'
I have purchased and sold eight different properties (7 out of state) each with different agents. I wish they all could have been Candice. She is responsible,efficient, and honest. She listens to what you say and what you don’t say. She fought for us,putting our interests before her own. Candice is in a class of her own. I would strongly recommend her to anyone.
-- Odessa Cozzolino

The Most Positive Real Estate Experiences I’ve Known…
Candice Economides and David Hill are responsible for the most positive real estate experiences I’ve known. Candice gave us wonderful advice and sold our home in practically no time at all, and for a great price. David recently guided me through the purchase of my sweet condo, never showing impatience with my thousand questions. Candice and David always took into account the things that mattered most to me, so I felt cared for, supported, and informed. These two sterling individuals also happen to be great realtors.
-- Kathleen Young

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Candice Economides & David Hill

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