About Us


Candice Economides HeadshotYes, we know it's cliché to say that two heads are better than one. And yet, real estate is one of those fields where a duet really IS better than a solo. Here's why: in any real estate transaction there are a lot of moving parts. We work simultaneously on your behalf, each with our specialties. Moving in tandem to reach your goals ensures thoroughness. We don't miss a beat.

The second benefit to our duo is available energy. Not just the sheer energy of two rather than one tackling a “to do” list, but also the upbeat energy that is generated when you work with two people who love their jobs and each other. In short: it's fun.

Picture Ella and Count Basie, or Lady G with Bradley C. The energy there is enough to launch a hit, and that's akin to what we do. Listing all types of real estate, from Berkeley bungalows to residential income properties to churches, land, and commercial properties, we love the variety and challenge inherent in our vibrant East Bay market. We're enlivened by the diversity of properties and people that walk through our doors. Together, but each doing what we do best, we offer great service with a great attitude.

Of course it's our job to manage time, budgets and expectations. But what sets us apart is this:

  • We handle an usually wide variety of properties.
  • Working as a team, we are able to move twice as fast with no data loss.
  • Our way of working is not only successful, it's delightful.

We've been all over the world and come back to the place we love the most, doing what we do best, with clients we truly cherish.