Discovering a good fit between agent and client is key. To that end, we’d like to tell you more about where we come from, and how we got here. It’s often small details, a shared bit of history or common values, that forge a trusted connection which makes working together extra-special.


My forefathers were Gold Rush people and railroad folk. My paternal grandmother eloped with my grandfather who was the premier Morse Code agent for the Southern Pacific Railroad. My father, uncles and great aunt were all born in railroad depots as my grandparents opened them up in the California Central Valley. My other grandfather was the San Benito County Assessor in Hollister -- as a grandson of one of the first 50 settlers, no one knew Hollister real estate better than he! My father was a City Manager for 40 years.My childhood was filled with chatter about zoning, development, streets, and city departments. I’m a 5th generation Californian; real estate has always been in my blood.

After graduating with a degree in creative writing, and pursuing careers as an ESL teacher and translator (I speak Greek and Spanish), as well as a stint at importing shoes, I turned my attention to buying and selling property. I enjoyed managing properties, and as a single mom, I wanted a career that allowed me the flexibility to be present for my children when needed at school, and still work full time.

I’m the third female in my father’s family in the last 200 years. With 3 brothers and only male cousins, learning early how to speak up and negotiate was invaluable to me. As a result, I have no problem speaking my truth. I am not easily intimidated, nor will I hesitate for a moment to advocate for our clients. Clear communication is the foundation of my work, and I pride myself on efficiency, clarity, and discretion.

It’s great to work with my husband, David ofIt’s great to work with my husband, David, of 20 years. 20 years. We are still madly in love, and find something to laugh about every day. Thankfully, we get to share our joie de vivre with clients. Real estate transactions can be stressful, but not on our watch. We’ve been in this business together for a collective 40 years, with longtime trusted affiliations in the industry. I can honestly say we genuinely enjoy what we do.


I’m a country kid at heart. My family lived near the shore of a small glacier lake in Indiana, Flint Lake. In my neighborhood there was always a pick-up game of baseball or football to be had. Hunting and fishing were popular too, but during the summer, in our land of make believe, I became the builder of tree forts with help from my friends. As I grew older, my forts became more sophisticated. I started with a single-floor and as time went on I added two more floors and a lookout high in the trees. To my delight 60 years later, I’m still evaluating structures and helping clients make sound business decisions.

My family history goes way back to the colonies. In the 1600’s my great great great grandparents began a new life in Pennsylvania. The womenfolk became well-known speculators, purchasing property and turning it over at a handsome profit. Despite this familial link to real estate dealings, my own professional background is in the machining business. My maternal great grandfather, Rudolf Dost, immigrated from Germany as a tool and die maker. So that’s where my tool making and machining skills came from and my attention to details.

After two tours of duty in Vietnam (1967 -1969 aboard the Navy’s USS Ranger CVA-61), I applied for a job as a journeyman machinist with a large international company, Parker Hannifin. I worked the night shift, went to college, and once I had some experience under my belt I became a machinist and design engineer at local shops. I went from Foreman to General Manager and finally went solo in 1985. I became known as “the widget maker,” growing my business in Berkeley from the ground up to 30 employees in a large warehouse on 4th Street. My company had a diverse clientele; we made artificial hearts, knee joints, surgical equipment, and aerospace, automobile, and computer components, too.

I’ve had the privilege of teaching many young men about machining, tool making and programming CNC lathes. It was an honor to become a mentor and father figure to so many hardworking immigrants. Running that kind of close-knit business was a dream come true, so it’s no surprise I am relationship-driven in my real estate work, too. In fact, that’s part of why Candice and I work so well together; we both recognize and respect the dignity of other people.

I love learning about each of our clients and working collaboratively. Each transaction calls on our collective strengths. This business isn't for the faint of heart. Good thing patience is my superpower.

When not busy with clients one of my greatest pleasures is playing guitar. I've even built one! If I could transport myself elsewhere for a break I would be strumming tunes in an Irish bar. Candice has got to join me; she can sing!